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In addition to the SDG regulation, the RED II Directive obliges municipalities to electrify their permit services

Municipalities have an obligation to electrify their permit services.

The SDG regulation is an EU regulation that aims to electrify citizens’ and businesses’ services across EU borders, among other things. The regulation also includes the Services Directive, which has obligated EU member states to electrify their business permit services since 2009.

In addition, the Act on the Permit Procedures for Renewable Energy Production Plants (1145/2020) related to the RED II Directive obliges municipalities to provide building and environmental permits through the Permits and Supervision Service, in which the permit applicant can manage the permit services related to the renewable energy production plant they need in a single place. This obligation can be fulfilled by, for example, connecting the e-service used by the municipality to the Permits and Supervision Service through an interface. The Permits and Supervision Service is shared digital platform ecosystem that streamlines clients’ permit service activities and cooperation between authorities and enables the deadline monitoring of permit procedures for renewable energy projects.

Many permits related to the SDG regulation have been included as part of the Permits and Supervision Service’s permits, but the electronic permit services connected to the Permits and Supervision Service must be developed to meet the requirements of the SDG regulation.

In accordance with EU and national regulations, municipalities must

  • Digitalise permits under the SDG regulation across borders.
  • Connect the permit services under the RED II Directive to the Permits and Supervision Service Layer.